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The purpose of sports physiotherapy is to assess and treat injuries related to sports and exercise. Exercise is essential for optimal health, however, over-exertion, poor training strategies, or strength and mobility issues can predispose certain types of injury. These can be acute injuries such a ankle sprains, or more gradually developing or chronic issues such as tendinitis. Sometimes, having professional guidance and advice can be very beneficial for every athlete, regardless of skill level.
At Calibrate Health, our sports physiotherapists have the training and experience to understand an athlete's biomechanics, and abilities, and therefore help you perform at your best.


To excel at their sport, athletes need to maintain a high level of physicality and performance. This is where sports physiotherapy comes in handy, enhancing strength and flexibility. Badly conditioned athletes, and poor training techniques can lead to injuries such as torn ligaments and injured muscles.  Our sports physiotherapists will assess your strengths, weaknesses and design a tailored training program for you. We will then help you formulate a routine that can decrease your chances of developing injuries such as strains, stress, muscle cramps, or torn ligaments.
Apart from the treatment of sports injuries, sports physiotherapy can improve muscle and joint flexibility. A flexible body is crucial to achieving optimal performance, for many athletes such as swimmers, gymnasts, weightlifters, martial artists, and climbers, as well as helping reduce the risk of injuries by ensuring athletes have the necessary mobility for their sport. Sports physiotherapy can also provide immediate pain relief, mobility improvements. Manual therapy, hot and cold treatments, taping of injured joints and tissues, and dry needling are physical therapy techniques that can help manage pain.


Movement is essential for our optimal function. By assessing your body's movement patterns and understanding your goals, we can help you focus your efforts on exercising efficiently. From achieving good posture to living a pain-free life, our range of sports physiotherapy treatments and performance services are here to help.
Our movement assessment service will highlight movement inefficiencies or compensations allowing us to guide you in fixing them. For distance runners, gait analysis service evaluates the way you walk and run to help us better understand your gait efficiency and improve your exercising strategies.
Beyond analysing your body movement, we also offer sports massage like techniques to alleviate joint pains and muscle tension. The increase in blood flow that sports massage can bring can heal injuries. Professional and amateur athletes alike benefit from sports massages due to their increased flexibility and performance. With the understanding that each sport has its own characteristic movement patterns, we adapt your body to meet your goals.


At Calibrate Health, our sports physiotherapy treats a variety of sports-related injuries including ankle sprains, hip, groin, and thigh muscle strains as well as neck and back pain. When it comes to ankle sprains, our sports physiotherapists manage high ankle sprains, unstable ankles and pain associated with achilles and posterior tibialis tendon issues.
Neck, back and muscle strains are common in the world of sports and athletes. In order to diagnose and treat your symptoms correctly, we take the time to assess these important body structures. If you’re unsure if we can help you with your injury, reach out to us and we can let you know.

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